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Pre-Market Home Inspections Give Sellers Peace of Mind

Pre-Market Home Inspections Give Sellers Peace of Mind

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, you may want to consider a pre-market home inspection. Knowing what condition your home is in and having a chance to make repairs before you list it will avoid surprises down the road and make a smoother transaction once an offer has been made. Continue reading

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A home office, including hanging pictures, a computer on a desk and an office chair

Creating the Perfect Home Office

In the age of COVID, many people are working from home. That means a functional and personalized home office is the second most important space in your home after the kitchen. Every decision you make about your home office, from the equipment, to the storage, to the décor, impacts your efficiency and creativity. Read on for some tips on how to maximize the potential of your home office space. Continue reading

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Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

Though spring is the most popular time to sell a home, there are quite a few benefits to selling in the winter. There’s typically less inventory, so there will be less competition for buyers. A baby boom tends to happen around September, meaning new parents will be looking for a larger home during the winter months. These buyers and those who are relocating due to a job change tend to be more serious buyers. If you find yourself needing to sell your home during the cold months, here are some tips to do so successfully. Continue reading

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Winter Weekend Retreats

Winter Weekend Retreats

It may be cold outside, but during this time of year, people are taking time off to spend the holidays with their families. It’s the perfect time to get away for a long weekend retreat and enjoy some winter activities. Here are a few places in our great state to go if you’re looking for a quick winter getaway. Continue reading

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Home Staging Updates for 2021 and Beyond

If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, you’ll want to pay attention to current home staging trends. The way you present your home will determine whether it sells for the highest and best or not, so you want to make sure it’s attractive to potential buyers. Read on for tips and dos and don’ts for staging your home. Continue reading

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Tyren Johns: Jacobson Realty’s New Agent

Jacobson Realty is growing! I’m very excited to introduce you to Tyren Johns, the new salesperson at Jacobson Realty! While I focus on the Gainesville area, the plan is for Tyren to concentrate his efforts in Bristow and Manassas. Tyren may be new to real estate, but he’s had a long history of success in the sales business. Continue reading

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Celebrating the Holidays Virtually

Celebrating the Holidays Virtually

With COVID cases still on the rise, the holidays may look a little different this year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your family and friends in meaningful ways. If you do plan to have in-person gatherings, the CDC has put out some guidelines on what safety measures to take. If you decide to forgo the in-person gathering, there are plenty of great ideas for virtual holiday parties. Continue reading

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How to Improve Your Credit Score

ABR Certification and What It Means

As a realtor, I want to have as much credibility as possible with my clients. I also want to be in the best position to help you through the home-buying process. Being an ABR (Accredited Buyers Representation) Certified realtor helps me give you the best home-buying experience. Continue reading

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Scariest Historic Sites in Prince William County

Scariest Historic Sites in Prince William County

Halloween is approaching, and if you’re the kind of person who likes a good scare, Prince William County is the place to be. Our area is rich with history dating back to before the Civil War, and according to witnesses, that history still inhabits some of the old homes and historical sites in the form of ghosts! Here is a list of some of the spookier places that Prince William has to offer. Continue reading

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