Home Staging Updates for 2021 and Beyond

If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, you’ll want to pay attention to current home staging trends. The way you present your home will determine whether it sells for the highest and best or not, so you want to make sure it’s attractive to potential buyers. Read on for tips and dos and don’ts for staging your home.

The Dos of Home Staging

  • Remove personal items – Potential buyers want to be able to see themselves in your home, so it’s wise to remove personal items such as family or wedding photos, awards or religious items.
  • Make your space unique – If you have something that is unique and can bring character to your home, definitely put it out but find the ideal location! One-of-a-kind pieces are on trend as well as layering old and new décor to create a modern classic look.
  • Ensure you have good lighting – Lighting is crucial when showing your home to buyers. You don’t want any dark spaces, and proper lighting can show off your home’s best features and make the space appear larger and more inviting. Make sure there is adequate light in places like the kitchen where food preparation happens or the bathroom where touch-ups happen. You can have a mixture of lighting such as overhead lights with table or floor lamps.

The Don’ts of Home Staging

  • Paint walls with bright colors – It’s not recommended to paint large walls in bright colors. This could potentially turn off buyers because they’re not going to want to have to paint over a color they don’t like. Instead, use more neutral colors on the walls and add color with furniture, accents or photos/wall art.
  • Too matchy-matchy – Having everything in your home perfectly matched is out. Your fixtures don’t need to match your appliances. You also don’t have to have two of the same lamps or the exact same chairs. Just make sure the colors are in the same color palette.
  • Generic décor – Try adding a vase of fresh flowers or rearranging your living room furniture for a smoother traffic flow. Stick to classic décor so the buyer will feel like they can make the home their own.

More Home Staging Tips

  • Home Staging Updates for 2021 and BeyondOpen spaces – Open floor plans are big right now as homeowners are looking for layouts that encourage socialization and conversation. You can create spaces like this by using spacious, comfortable seating in lounge areas.
  • Neutral colors – When staging your home start with a neutral foundation of warm ivory or cool grey, then add color with your furniture and accents. Navy blue and white are clean, traditional themes that are always attractive especially for photos and add a feeling of timelessness. Overall, tones are getting warmer in home staging trends, and gold fixtures are coming back as well.
  • Mindfulness – More and more people are looking for “mindfulness interiors” according to Pinterest, where searches with the word mindfulness have gone up 250%. A mindfulness interior is one in which you are aware of your surrounds and the present moment. Defined areas in a home where you can relax, rest and or do activities such as reading, mediation, or art are examples. Spaces with natural light are good for mindfulness. Colors like Earth tones and neutral beige, natural subdued greens, delicate browns and grays can all help create this space. Materials like cotton, linen, wicker, wood, stone and bamboo reflect the nature of a mindful interior.


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