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Adding Native Plants to Enhance Curb Appeal

Adding Native Plants to Enhance Curb Appeal

When it comes time to selling a house, it’s important to remember that the outside is just as looked at as the inside is. Just like the old saying about first impressions, curb appeal is a top priority on your home-staging list. A great way to do this is by using native plants. In Northern Virginia, they are great for curb appeal because they are adapted to the soil and climate, require minimal care and don’t need chemicals to thrive. Native plants are more rugged than non-native plants, as they are resistant to drought, insects and disease. They also provide nectar to valuable wildlife such as birds and pollinators. It’s important that we plant native plants to try to improve the ecological integrity of our area.   Continue reading

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Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

Though spring is the most popular time to sell a home, there are quite a few benefits to selling in the winter. There’s typically less inventory, so there will be less competition for buyers. A baby boom tends to happen around September, meaning new parents will be looking for a larger home during the winter months. These buyers and those who are relocating due to a job change tend to be more serious buyers. If you find yourself needing to sell your home during the cold months, here are some tips to do so successfully. Continue reading

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Get the Greenest Lawn on the Block

Get the Greenest Lawn on the Block

If you are looking to improve your home’s curb appeal, one of the biggest things you can do is work on having a nice lawn. However, that’s not always so easy to achieve in the red Virginia clay dirt. Thankfully, we have some ideas on how to help! Here are some of our best tips and tricks for getting the greenest lawn on the block! Continue reading

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How to Increase Curb Appeal

How to Increase Curb Appeal

Growing up, we’re always taught that it’s what’s on the inside that counts

Growing up, we’re always taught that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, never judge a book by its cover and countless other platitudes. But let’s face it, in the real world, sometimes what’s on the outside does count. No, we’re not being shallow – we’re talking curb appeal. Buyers frequently assess your home before they ever set foot across the threshold. Armed with this information, you can go forward and increase the curb appeal of your home so that your first impression is a lasting impression (one that lasts all the way to the closing table).

Crystal clear windows – Show a sneak peak of the inside of your home without old spider webs or greasy face prints clouding the view. Clean your windows, inside and out.

Front door finesse – The entryway to your home should be warm and inviting, but also clean and in good repair. A fresh coat of paint can do a world of good. Also, make sure that your door’s hardware is pleasing to the eye and is in good shape.

Rotten wood, good riddance – If you have damaged wood on your home’s exterior, such as shutters or doorframes, repair or replace it for a quick facelift for your home.

Roof repair – Make sure to tidy up your roof by replacing any missing shingles and cleaning out your gutters.

Patio and path prep – It’s easy to get loose stones in your patio or stone path in your yard. Make sure these areas are weed-free, in good repair and clean (with no wobbly or broken stones) to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Siding sprucer – You can freshen up your home’s exterior by painting, repairing, power washing and/or replacing old siding. You can also refurbish brick exteriors.

Porch and deck pick-me-ups – Your porch or deck may benefit from a good power washing, or it may need to be completely restained or repainted. A color change and an outdoor space that’s attractive and in good repair will give you the curb appeal to bring buyers in.

Flower bed fortification – Lay down your weed mats, plant some new perennials and toss in some fresh mulch. This relatively easy and inexpensive front yard fix will add a splash of color to your landscape and make the outside of your home more cheery.

Show your lawn some love – Weed killer, seed, fertilizer, and water can go a long way. If your lawn looks like an old western movie (tumbleweeds through a whirlwind of dust), invest in growing (or sodding) a new lawn to attract prospective buyers.

Mailbox maintenance – Often it’s not right next to the house, so the mailbox gets neglected. Check your mailbox to make sure it’s not rusted, is in good working order has no wood rot in the post. If you’ve had a specialty mailbox installed previously (because who doesn’t love pulling catalogs out of a wide-mouth bass?) consider installing a tamer, more HOA-compliant mailbox design.

As professional stagers and realtors, we can help you with your curb appeal woes. Call us at 703-338-9678, or email Belinda@JacobsonRealty1.com.

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Landscaping Ideas to Add Value to Your Home Now or Later

Landscaping Ideas to Add Value to Your Home Now or Later

You can give your home a facelift, improve your curb appeal

Whether you are planning to move soon or not, you can give your home a facelift, improve your curb appeal and increase your home’s worth by sprucing up your landscaping.

Here are some ideas that can boost your curb appeal and add value to your home.

· Refresh your landscaping. For little to no money, you can spruce up your yard with a small budget and a little sweat equity. You can add pops of color with annuals, perennials or flowering seasonal shrubs. Add fresh mulch to your flower beds and make sure your grass is green and full, edged and free of weeds. Trim your trees and shrubs and make sure you can always see your house! If you can’t get out to do this work yourself, you can hire a high school or college student to do a full yard cleanup and plant some flowering annuals.

· Don’t go overboard. While your prize rosebush may be the envy of fellow gardeners, it might be viewed as a hassle by those who don’t share your passion for gardening. Stick to plantings that are native to the area and easy to maintain. Also, don’t plant an overwhelming amount of plants or too large of a variety – that can make your lawn look cramped or busy. Keep landscaping simple and inviting. And as I always say, “ If you can’t see it (the house), you can’t sell it!”.

· Invest in an outdoor irrigation system. If you have more money to devote to home improvement and want a bigger return on investment, consider installing an underground lawn sprinkler system. With hot, parched summers, this is a sure way to keep your lawn, plants and trees looking healthy and vibrant throughout the summer selling season.

· Call a professional landscaper – If your selling horizon is greater than a year and your budget is flexible, you may want to contact a professional landscaper who can turn your vision into a reality and make recommendations for which plants and landscaping elements would accentuate your home’s best features and camouflage any flaws, gaps or tough growing areas.

· Enhance your landscaping with pavers or bricks. A paved area can add value to your home and doesn’t require a green thumb. You can save money on pavers or bricks by purchasing leftovers online or by searching for the next holiday sale at your local home improvement store. This is a fairly simple DIY project, or you can keep your hands clean and hire a professional to install them.

· Add a shade sail. Make your new paved area more functional and attractive by adding a shade sail. This is another simple DIY project that requires installing 3 timber posts and a shade sail kit. Easy and doable!

· Add solar landscape lighting. – Buyers want to know how their future home will look at night and during the daytime. Consider energy efficient landscape lighting from a home improvement store to add the ambiance you need to set the stage for evening visitors. This is another DIY project that is well worth the time and money spent to sell your home now or later!

· Add potted plants. Save yourself the headache of weeding large areas by adding potted plants and flowers to your front entrance. You can incorporate welcoming bursts of color to your landscape for a relatively low cost.

· Plant trees. Trees can add value to your home for years to come. People enjoy the shade and beauty trees add to the property. They also help with erosion by sucking up storm water. Do your research about the right type of tree for your property based on the sun’s orientation and how close to the house you should plant it. You don’t want to plant too close, as the tree could pose a danger with broken or falling limbs.

We know that landscaping requires investing time, money and effort. The return homeowners get from simple landscaping, though, makes the investment well worth it. If you have questions about your home’s worth or curb appeal, contact Jacobson Realty and Home Staging. We’d be happy to get the answers you need to make good decisions and provide referrals to make you feel confident in your decision.

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5 Budget-Friendly Home Improvements to Boost Resale Value

5 Budget-Friendly Home Improvements to Boost Resale Value

resell your houseIf you’re planning on reselling your house, you don’t want to dump a ton of money into making home improvements that won’t ultimately pay off for you when you could be saving that money for a down payment on your next dream home. It’s important to know which home improvements will both better your life in your current home and add resale value and which fixes are best left for the next owner. Here are some frugal fixes that we’ve found can boost your home’s resale value:· Give your kitchen a facelift – This spot can make or break a home sale, so it’s very important to have a clean and updated kitchen when your house goes on the market. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars completely remodeling this room. You can give your kitchen a budget makeover that will make it sparkle again. You can cheaply and easily replace your kitchen faucet, update old lighting fixtures and add new cabinet door handles. On a slightly larger budget, you can improve your existing kitchen cabinets by hiring a refacing company. They can refinish the cabinet boxes and add new doors and drawers to make your cabinets shine again.

· Make your appliances match – Kitchen appliances that don’t match can be a turn-off for potential buyers. You don’t have to buy all new appliances to get a matching set. You can simply get a new cover for your existing appliances. If you’re looking to switch your white dishwasher face for a black one (or vice versa), you may be in luck. Many models of dishwashers have a reversible front panel. You just need to unscrew it and flip the panel around.

· Add a bedroom in less than a week – If you have a 2 bedroom house with a den, one of the reasons this room can’t be considered a bedroom may be because it doesn’t have a closet. If you’re only missing a closet, you can easily add one for less than $1500 in about one week. The value this added bedroom brings to your house far outweighs the cost of building a closet.

· Clean up for curb appeal – If your house doesn’t look appealing from the outside, you can improve your curb appeal with a few plants, a lawnmower, a power washer and some elbow grease. Make sure your lawn is mowed and weeded. Adding a few plants, flowers and some new mulch can do wonders to make your home warm and inviting for potential buyers. Rent (or borrow) a power washer and give your siding and walkways a good scrub.

· Spruce up your storage space – If your house lacks closet space, redesigned closets can help improve your resale value and make your remaining time in your home much more pleasant and organized. You can do it yourself with closet systems from your local home improvement store, design new closets online or call in a professional to help maximize the storage space you have.

As professional home stagers, we at Jacobson Realty and Home Staging can make personalized recommendations that will help you get the most when you decide to sell your home. Call us at 703-338-9678 or emailBelinda@JacobsonRealty1.com.

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