How to Increase Curb Appeal

How to Increase Curb Appeal

Growing up, we’re always taught that it’s what’s on the inside that counts

Growing up, we’re always taught that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, never judge a book by its cover and countless other platitudes. But let’s face it, in the real world, sometimes what’s on the outside does count. No, we’re not being shallow – we’re talking curb appeal. Buyers frequently assess your home before they ever set foot across the threshold. Armed with this information, you can go forward and increase the curb appeal of your home so that your first impression is a lasting impression (one that lasts all the way to the closing table).

Crystal clear windows – Show a sneak peak of the inside of your home without old spider webs or greasy face prints clouding the view. Clean your windows, inside and out.

Front door finesse – The entryway to your home should be warm and inviting, but also clean and in good repair. A fresh coat of paint can do a world of good. Also, make sure that your door’s hardware is pleasing to the eye and is in good shape.

Rotten wood, good riddance – If you have damaged wood on your home’s exterior, such as shutters or doorframes, repair or replace it for a quick facelift for your home.

Roof repair – Make sure to tidy up your roof by replacing any missing shingles and cleaning out your gutters.

Patio and path prep – It’s easy to get loose stones in your patio or stone path in your yard. Make sure these areas are weed-free, in good repair and clean (with no wobbly or broken stones) to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Siding sprucer – You can freshen up your home’s exterior by painting, repairing, power washing and/or replacing old siding. You can also refurbish brick exteriors.

Porch and deck pick-me-ups – Your porch or deck may benefit from a good power washing, or it may need to be completely restained or repainted. A color change and an outdoor space that’s attractive and in good repair will give you the curb appeal to bring buyers in.

Flower bed fortification – Lay down your weed mats, plant some new perennials and toss in some fresh mulch. This relatively easy and inexpensive front yard fix will add a splash of color to your landscape and make the outside of your home more cheery.

Show your lawn some love – Weed killer, seed, fertilizer, and water can go a long way. If your lawn looks like an old western movie (tumbleweeds through a whirlwind of dust), invest in growing (or sodding) a new lawn to attract prospective buyers.

Mailbox maintenance – Often it’s not right next to the house, so the mailbox gets neglected. Check your mailbox to make sure it’s not rusted, is in good working order has no wood rot in the post. If you’ve had a specialty mailbox installed previously (because who doesn’t love pulling catalogs out of a wide-mouth bass?) consider installing a tamer, more HOA-compliant mailbox design.

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