What Not to Do When Staging a Home

What Not to Do When Staging a Home

Home staging is so important if you want your home to sell. From the décor, to the paint on the walls, to pets, everything you do when showing your home matters. I’ve compiled a list of things not to do when staging your home.

The Don’ts of Home Staging

  • Set a dining room or kitchen table with silverware – While silverware looks nice when it’s all set on the table, it may be best to put them away during a showing. Silverware can be considered a weapon and could possibly make people uneasy.
  • Leave personal photos and credentials on display – Leaving these items on display could possibly compromise your identity. Plus, potential buyers need to be able to see themselves in your home. That will be hard if your personal photos are all over the place. However, you can still give your home a little bit of a personal touch so it doesn’t feel cold or uninviting.
  • Leave jewelry and valuables in view or accessible – If you leave valuables out, you risk losing them during a showing. Put them away somewhere safe.
  • Leave prescription meds out or in places where they are easily found – Just like your jewelry and other valuables, it’s best not to leave important prescription medications out on a counter or even in a cabinet. Don’t risk losing them.
  • Leave dogs and cats unattended or uncontained in a home – Many pets do not like strangers in their home. It’s best to crate them or take them with you. If your pet is left loose and gets defensive, you could have an unfortunate incident on your hands.
  • Over decorate – Less is more. Too many photos or too much art on the walls can make a home feel like a museum or junk shop.
  • Leave toilet seats up – This is something you may not even think about when showing your home. It’s a simple thing that can turn a good photo bad.
  • Leave holiday or seasonal decorations up – Leaving holiday or seasonal decorations up after the season has passed can quickly date a home.

Other Things to Avoid When Staging Your Home

  • What Not to Do When Staging a HomeDecorating according to trends – Staging a home is not the same as interior decorating. You don’t want specific styles such as shabby chic. Aim for traditional style.
  • Too much neutral – You want your home to feel light and airy, making neutral colors somewhat important. However, you don’t want your home to be bland. It’s okay to add a pop of color, for example, painting one wall a different color in larger rooms with a lot of windows.
  • Old paint – Old or chipping paint makes a home seem like it has not been well cared for. A fresh coat of paint will make your home feel and smell new.
  • Inadequate lighting – You don’t want any of the rooms in your house to feel like a dungeon. Add lamps, recessed lighting or sconces if need be. Cool LED lights are best. You can also take down dark or heavy window treatments to lighten the room.
  • Poorly organized closets and cabinets – Potential buyers will definitely be opening cabinets and doors, because storage space in a potential new home is very important. Downsize things you don’t need and use storage solutions to organize what you keep. A well-organized space looks bigger.
  • Poor furniture placement – Where you put your furniture makes all the difference in the world. You can start by putting a rug in the center of the room and creating a conversation area around it with your furniture. Think about how potential buyers will move through your house and remove any piece of furniture than can disrupt the flow.
  • Forgetting to clean – Buyers won’t get a good impression of your home if it isn’t clean. Dust, vacuum, clean the windows and deodorize your home.
  • Neglecting the outside of your home – You’ve put a lot of time and effort into making sure the inside of your home is ready, but you can’t neglect the outside. The outside of your home is what gives buyers their first impression. Make sure your yard is free of leaves and trash. Remove any dead plants and clean out the flower garden. Also, make sure your sidewalk and porch are clean.


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