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How to Fold an American Flag and What It Means

How to Fold an American Flag and What It Means

The American flag is more than just a piece of cloth; it is one of the most important symbols of the United States. It represents our past, our present and our future and stands for honor, courage and freedom. Thus, the American flag should be treated with the highest respect. When lowered, the flag is traditionally folded into the shape of a tri-cornered hat, emblematic of the hats worn by colonial soldiers during the American Revolutionary War. Continue reading

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Prince William County Has Great Options for Commuters

Prince William County Has Great Options for Commuters

Looking to purchase a home outside of the busy and chaotic environment of Washington D.C., yet still within a reasonable and easy commute? Look no further. Many families purchasing homes in Western Prince William County do so because of the great neighborhoods and schools but also because of the  variety of local commuting options available.

So if you’re thinking about purchasing a home in the area, here are a few commuting options in Western Prince William County. Continue reading

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Time to Move-Up? New Gainesville, Haymarket, Bristow Homes Between $450 - $575K

Time to Move-Up? New Gainesville, Haymarket, Bristow Homes Between $450 – $575K

Looking to upgrade? Western Prince William County offers some of the most sought-after real estate in Virginia. Steeped in American history with beautiful neighborhoods and easy access to major transportation corridors for commuters, Western Prince William County is an ideal choice for those looking to move-up. The area has several outstanding neighborhoods with houses ranging in price from $450 – $575K. Take a look at these choice neighborhoods in Bristow, Gainesville, and Haymarket to see all that they have to offer: Continue reading

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Give Thanks in Western Prince William County

Give Thanks in Western Prince William County

What do you look forward to the most during the holidays? Is it traveling to visit distant family or friends, sharing age-old traditions, enjoying big meals crowded around the dinner table or creating new memories? Personally, I love all that the holidays have to offer – even the festive chaos. With so much to enjoy and love about the holidays, it is important to stop and be grateful for all that we’ve been given. Continue reading

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Heavenly Harvest: Wineries Within Easy Reach of Western Prince William County

Heavenly Harvest: Wineries Within Easy Reach of Western Prince William County.Heavenly Harvest: Autumn is wine time!

Autumn is wine time! The fall grape harvest is coming in and vineyards in the area are strutting their stuff with new and vintage wines to try. Our region boasts an abundance of wineries, many of which celebrate with fun events. Here are some of my favorite wineries, all no more than an hour’s drive from Gainesville, VA.

Winery at La Grange

Located in Haymarket, this historic home and property serves up amazing tastings and tours, with a patio area offering delightful views of the vineyard. The winery is full of folklore and ghost stories for you to hear about as you sip La Grange’s quality red and white wines. The winery’s event page reminds you to bring a picnic meal to their events. I’d recommend spending the day. Especially during this time of the year, it’s just lovely. www.wineryatlagrange.com

Delaplane Cellars

Delaplane sits on Lost Mountain, overlooking a vast vineyard that offers inspiration and reflection. The rustic tasting room and open area patio are delightful. In my opinion, their wines are excellent. There is impressive entertainment on the weekends, as well as a very knowledgeable staff.  Delaplane will ship wine to any eligible state, so you can do a little Christmas shopping while you are there. My experience at Delaplane had me considering my own little farm in the country! www.delaplanecellars.com

The Winery at Bull Run

Gainesville and Bristow residents in particular talk about this winery because it is so close. The Winery at Bull Run is conveniently located right off Route 29 between Centreville and Gainesville.  Amid the ruins of a historic farm house, the modern tasting room was built with rustic appeal, offering up an impressive list of award winning wines. Children and pets are welcome on their lively family picnic grounds where free entertainment is provided most weekends.www.wineryatbullrun.com

Naked Mountain

Naked Mountain boasts they are less than an hour from the Capital beltway. I have to say an early morning trip to a nearby orchard and follow-up with a tasting at this winery is sure to release anyone’s stress. The long rustic wine tasting bar sits high up on the knoll, with a view of the vineyard and some beautiful land. Naked Mountain has a fun, fresh vibe. They offer wine dinner events, as well as light fare wine tastings, or you can bring a picnic basket of your favorite goodies. www.nakedmountainwinery.com

Chrysalis Vineyards

A smaller winery off Rt.15 in Middleburg, Chrysalis is a very down to earth winery with the mission of bringing back the Norton Grape as the premier American wine grape. Nestled up in the Bull Run Mountains, they provide an authentic, up close wine making experience and thoroughly enjoyable wines. If you have not been there, give them a try. www.chrysaliswine.com

Barrel Oak Winery

BOW! in Delaplane is a winery all about bringing people together for a good time! It feels like a big barn party with plenty of activity. They have “picnics, and Frisbees, and games, and kids, and dogs, and laughter, and friends, and joy.” From local art exhibits to local bands, this winery wants the community involved. They encourage picnic lunches, but remember to read the “Doghaus Rules” if you plan on bringing your favorite fur baby.  www.barreloak.com

Paradise Springs Winery

Tucked away in Clifton, Paradise is a very unassuming winery on a very historic piece of land. Not too big, not too small, they have pleasant front and back patios for enjoying a basket meal. Wines paired with weekend entertainment make this a quick getaway place. Oh, and from October 21st to October 31st Paradise is having wine tastings for junk food. How fun is that?www.paradisespringswinery.com

Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn

Aspen Dale is a working farm as well as a small winery in Delaplane, with an intimate tasting room located in a renovated barn. Tastings include matching foods to learn more about pairing. Aspen Dale is a fun experience, and I felt I’ve learned some new things about wine. Most weekend, Aspen Dale has live music.www.aspendalewinery.com

You might think by now that there are no more local wineries left for me to experience for the first time. There are! On my list to visit is Linden Vineyards. This vineyard is “never content,” always striving to improve their wines. I can’t wait to visit them. I will certainly share my experience in another edition full of winery suggestions.


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Jacobson Realty and Home Staging (JRY) was established by Broker/Owner Belinda Jacobson-Loehle in April 2002. Belinda is a native Washingtonian who grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and has lived and worked in Gainesville, Virginia since 1995. She has been a licensed broker since 1989.

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Achieving Success: Working With a Professional Realtor in Prince William County, Northern Virginia and Beyond

Achieving Success: Working With a Professional Realtor in Prince William County, Northern Virginia and Beyond

realtor is about building a relationship based on respect and trust.Much like working with a doctor or an attorney, working with a professional realtor is all about building a relationship based on respect and trust.
As an expert, your realtor is there to help with what may be your single most important investment, the buying or selling of your home. Your realtor should be an expert and your best source of information. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the relationship you’ve built with your realtor.
  • Stay local. You are always better off working with a local agent to list your property and typically better off with a local buyer agent as well. A local listing agent will know the pulse of the area, be up on market trends and have a network of other realtors to go to share new listing information or buyer needs with. You want the biggest bang for your buck, so use the experience of an agent who is tapped into where you live or want to live. You should find quicker success and the opportunity to create the next chapter in life.
  • Listen and evaluate what your realtor recommends. As a professional, a realtor has assisted with the buying and selling of homes, hopefully for many years. Although no two cases are the same, the process and possible outcomes are more familiar to them than to you. Empower yourself with their knowledge and evaluate their recommendations so you can make an informed decisions.
  • Know what you want or don’t want from your realtor. Share your dreams as well as your concerns. Sometimes knowing what you don’t want will answer the question of what you do want. Are you looking for an agent that specializes in a certain niche, such as retirement communities or home staging? Or, are you a first-time homebuyer who needs more guidance?  Successful realtors understand market trends and may have access to information not available to the general public. Many times a property you thought would be unavailable may be at the agent’s fingertips. So speak up and let your realtor know what you desire!
  • Be sure you’re getting a team and know that you become a part of that team. An established realtor works with other reputable professionals such as trusted lenders, title companies and estate professionals to give you a great team experience. As a principal to the transaction, you become a member of the team and must do your part to communicate with the team, provide documentation and make yourself available. No one person can do it all. It’s the team effort that gets everyone to the finish line. Make sure you know the players.
  • Talk about communication. How accessible is your agent and does he/she communicate in a way that is comfortable for you? Consider your communication style and how you want to be contacted by your agent. Do you prefer email, phone calls or personal interaction?  Is your agent available when you are? Does your agent have evening and weekend hours? Most importantly, does your agent follow up in a timely manner? Real estate bids can come in quickly and are often time sensitive. An agent that doesn’t respond in a timely manner could be a problem.
  • Give and take information. It’s okay to emphasize any knowledge and experience you may have to help your agent start to really understand both your short and long term goals. Conversely, ask about any concerns you think may have been forgotten in the busy initial contact stage, as well as throughout the transaction. There are no stupid questions!

Remember, a professional realtor can be as important to your life transition as any other professional you work closely with. A caring, experienced realtor wants to be there for you through all your important home and property ownership milestones. With a relationship based in mutual trust and respect, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Contact Jacobson Realty and Home Staging or email Belinda@Jry1.comfor your real estate needs.

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Your Horses are at Home in Western Prince William County

Your Horses are at Home in Western Prince William County

your-horses-are-at-home-in-western-prince-william-countyThe beauty of living in Western Prince William County is that it has something for everyone. The country mouse and the city mouse are both equally at home here. There are bustling suburbs and peaceful countryside, all within about an hour’s drive. Equestrians and horse enthusiasts alike will love the variety of horse trails that are all around the county. Here are just a few area horse trails you can enjoy.

Manassas National Battlefield Park –With horse trailer parking at the intersection of Route 29 and Featherbed, this National Park trail offers more than just a place for you and your horse to explore. You will trot down the trails of history together. There are monuments and a visitor’s center along the trail for you to explore area history. (You can purchase a park pass at the visitor’s center.) Come out and enjoy 50 miles of natural surface and some wood chip covered trails. A bonus of this trail – there is no standing water nearby, so there are hardly any bugs. There are so many different trails here, you can ride all day and not cover the same two places twice. Be aware, though, that some trails are for pedestrians only.

Nokesville – There are two trails in Nokesville — The Nokesville Park Equestrian Trail and the Valley View Park Equestrian trail. Nokesville Park is located on Aden Road. It has a sand ring trail for working and training purposes that you can use in conjunction with the horse trail. Explore 3 miles of natural surface trails here. You can find a slightly shorter natural surface trail at Valley View Park at 11930 Valley View Drive in Nokesville. This trail is perfect for short rides and natural challenges for training.

Haymarket – Haymarket also has trails located in James Long Park and Silver Lake Regional Park. James Long Park has a well-established trail in the community with about 5 miles of natural surface. There is plenty of horse trailer parking and a sand ring near the trail for training. Enjoy a scenic ride around a 20-acre lake, meadows and forest at Silver Lake Regional Park Equestrian Trail. This natural surface trail is about 4 mile long.

Gainesville – Conway Robinson State Forest Park is a 400-acre park, plus a wildlife and wildflower sanctuary. This historic and scenic area allows people ages 16 and up (with a permit) to ride horses through the forest, explore the Manassas Gap Railroad bed used during the Civil War or stop to enjoy a picnic.

Manassas – Ben Lomond Trail is a two-mile natural surface. There is no trailer parking available at this site. It’s located at 7500 Ben Lomond Park Drive in Manassas. Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville is adjacent to Manassas. There, you can explore 9 miles of flat, dirt trails through the woods. There are some steep bank water crossings and some marshes with boardwalks, so it’s not recommended to ride here after heavy rains. This trail offers beautiful scenery with wildflowers and wildlife.

Make yourself at home and your horse at home! Learn more about life in Western Prince William County by contacting Jacobson Reality and Home Staging today.Discover the natural beauty in our communities.

Jacobson Realty and Home Staging (JRY) was established by Broker/Owner Belinda Jacobson-Loehle in April 2002. Belinda is a native Washingtonian who grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and has lived and worked in Gainesville, Virginia since 1995. She has been a licensed broker since 1989. 

The JRY mission is to provide professional advice and analysis, maintain clear and consistent communication and serve clients with respect. The home buying and selling process can be an exciting and stressful experience. Our goal is to make it smooth, educational, enjoyable, quick and as financially beneficial as possible. 
The desire of JRY is to exceed your expectations to find the home you love or sell the house you have for a deal that is right for you!

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Best Golf Course Picks in Gainesville and Haymarket, Virginia

Best Golf Course Picks in Gainesville and Haymarket, Virginia

your choice of challenging, 18-hole courses

Imagine having your choice of challenging, 18-hole courses all within a short drive (pun unintended) of your home. Or imagine having a course in your own back yard! If you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking for lessons, you can find the right course in this area to fit your needs. Here are some of my best golf course picks, both public and private, you can enjoy in Gainesville and Haymarket, Virginia.

Evergreen Country Club – This club is one of the best keep secrets in Northern Virginia! Although it is a private membership club, you should find someone or some way to play this course. It is truly a golfer’s dream. The course was built to be a golf course and has only a scattering of houses near it. Located in Haymarket along the foothills of Bull Run Mountain, the natural beauty of the mountains with wide fairways and centuries old hardwood trees, along with the wildlife, is just amazing. This is my favorite golf course in the area and is most spectacular in autumn. Whether you are a competitive golfer or a weekend recreational golfer, you will enjoy Evergreen’s country club’s hospitality and picturesque views on and off the course.

Stonewall Golf Club at Lake Manassas – If you’re looking to play 18 holes at a public, championship course, look no further. This Gainesville course, designed by Tom Jackson, is a top choice for golfers who like consistent course conditions, beautiful landscaping and outstanding views of Lake Manassas. There are many long drive opportunities from the back tee boxes and some kneel knocking blind drives from the forward tees. Golf fees are not inexpensive, but this course is worth the spurge. The 19th hole at the lovely Brass Cannon restaurant and patio conclude your experience, with a fine meal. Locker rooms are available to freshen up for dining.

Heritage Hunt Golf and Country Club – Designed by Arthur Hill, the layout of this course, located in Gainesville, VA, is not simple because it weaves in and out of environmentally protected areas. Again, bring extra golf balls. Although this is a private golf club, outside memberships are available. The clubhouse and staff provide that traditional experience that many people associate with golf. The staff is pleasant and supportive of your needs. When an open club event is available, I recommend spending the money to enjoy all aspects of this club.

Bull Run Golf Club – This public course in Haymarket, located at the base of the Bull Run Mountains, is worth a visit and a round of play! Here again, the course harmonizes with its natural landscape – so many trees and creeks are undisturbed. It’s a fun course even when your shot is in trouble. The final few finishing holes from all tee boxes are challenging, so pace yourself in order to finish strong! Golf prices are reasonable, and the clubhouse and pro shop offer a nice, casual experience.

Virginia Oaks Golf Club – Known for its bent grass tees, fairways and greens, this 18-hole course offers a challenging day of golf. Located in Gainesville, VA, this golf course is designed by P.B. Dye with very reasonable golf fees. Fairways are narrow, but the scenic backdrop of Lake Manassas helps keep you calm as you find yourself in and out of the fairway. Bring plenty of extra balls! The recently renovated clubhouse, back patio and pro shop provide a comfortable casual dining experience inside and out.

With all that’s available, it’s no wonder golf aficionados are moving to Western PWC so that they can experience top notch golf in their own back yards. If you’re interested in experiencing one of our golf courses yourself, give Jacobson Realty and Home Staging a call at (703) 338-9678 or email us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Western Prince William County Attractions for All Ages!

Western Prince William County Attractions for All Ages!

Part of the beauty of living

Part of the beauty of living in the Gainesville, Haymarket, and Bristow Virginia area is that you don’t have to go far when you’re looking for attractions and entertainment. We have so many options for leisure right in our area. Here are just a few area attractions you can enjoy the next time you’re looking for a date night, ladies’ night out, place to celebrate or an everyday excursion.

Entertainment and Culture

Hylton Performing Arts Center – Get a dose of culture in this Manassas arts center. Whether you’re looking for ballet, theatrical performances, symphony orchestras, choral ensembles, children’s theater or art exhibits, you can find an event to suit your taste here. Some of the great shows include Art Garfunkel on March 31, 2016!  Tonight is the Manassas Chorale Voices United, a celebration of sacred music.

Jiffy Lube Live – This Bristow amphitheater hosts shows from international music sensations like Dave Matthews Band, Weezer, Luke Bryan and more. With seating price options to fit every budget, you’ll enjoy rocking to your favorite bands. And because of the way the amphitheater is designed, there isn’t a bad seat in the house. Book early.


The Manassas Museum – With a permanent exhibit spanning from the Native American through the 20th century periods, with an emphasis on the Civil War, you can learn all about regional history in this museum. There are 7 nearby historic sites that accompany your museum learning experience.

Ben Lomond Manor House and Old Rose Garden – This historic site in Manassas offers inexpensive tours of the house and the grounds. This was once a plantation owned by Robert Carter III. It was inherited by Benjamin Tasker Chinn who used the plantation to farm corn and wheat to care for the 500 Merion sheep on the property. After the battle of 1st Manassas, it was converted to a Confederate field hospital. You can still read writing on the walls from Civil War soldiers.

Wine and Beer

The Winery at La Grange – This Haymarket winery has an 18th century mansion with views of 8 acres of rolling hills and vineyards. They style their wines to have the refinement of European wines with subdued fruit-forward characteristics. Enjoy your day here with a tour of the winery, taste some samples and choose your favorite to purchase and enjoy on site or at home.

Heritage Brewing Company – If you’re a beer lover and a patriot, this Manassas brewery is for you. This veteran-owned brewery runs an organic and sustainable operation, creating tasty brews and giving back a percentage of all their sales to charity. You can sample beers in their tap room and enjoy a pint of your favorite.

Just for Fun

Burnside Farms – This farm in Haymarket has been in the flower business for 3 generations. They hold special pick-your-own flower events. They are open year-round with different seasonal offerings. Burnside holds a Festival of Spring, Summer of Sunflowers, fall market and Christmas tree shop.

Splash Down Waterpark – This Manassas water park has fun for the whole family. Big kids (and grown-ups) will enjoy two, 4-story water slides. You can test your balance skills on the Lilly Pad and Log Walk. Little kids will enjoy bubblers and spray fountains in the Sandcastle Kids Kove, along with interactive slides and their own play area.

These are just a few of the fun options our area in Western Prince William County offers. There’s also shopping, dining, golf, nature…you name it! If you would like to know more about this place we call home, contact Jacobson Realty and Home Staging. We’d be happy to show you around!

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Active Adult Communities in Gainesville, Haymarket and Bristow, and Surrounding Area of Virginia

Active Adult Communities in Gainesville, Haymarket and Bristow, and Surrounding Area of Virginia

55 is the new 45

You may have heard that 55 is the new 45. Builders are keeping this youthful spirit in mind when designing their active adult communities. These communities aren’t a place where you just play shuffleboard and grab the early bird special at 4. They are planned with active adults in mind. These builders realize that people are retiring later (and often are still commuting to jobs) and want engaging amenities conveniently located close to home. There are many communities in the Gainesville, Haymarket and Bristow areas that cater to the next generation of (soon-to-be) retirees. Check out these beautiful communities:

· Heritage Hunt in Gainesville – If you love to golf, this Lennar community is for you. Built around a championship 18-hole golf course, you can roll out of bed in the morning and tee off practically in your backyard, or find easy access to RT 66 for commuters. This gated community also brings you luxurious, country club living with dozens of amenities. Between them, three clubhouses offer a grand ballroom, activity rooms, a golf pro shop, fine dining, billiards and much more. This community offers maintenance-free living with accessible floor plans. You can choose from a luxury elevator condominium, low-maintenance duplex, villas, or a main-level living single-family home. If you love nature, you can enjoy the long walking paths throughout the community and absorb the scenic views of the Bull Run Mountain!

· Regency at Dominion Valley in Haymarket – Another golfer’s paradise, this Toll Brother’s community also boasts a terrific executive golf course and provides access to the standard Dominion Valley golf course. This upscale community also has condominium, attached and detached homes, so you can find the space that truly suits you. There are plenty of community activities. To stay fit and active, they have indoor and outdoor pools as well as a fitness center with an aerobics studio, a yoga room and a spin class. If you enjoy outdoor activities, there are many parks and on-site trails to explore. And you won’t have to worry about maintaining your yard here. They offer lawn and exterior care and snow removal as a few of the many community perks.

· Dunbarton in Bristow – Part of the larger Braemar community built by Brookfield Homes, this gated community has almost 500 single-family and attached home residences. It boasts many recreational activities and resort-style amenities, like a 21,000 square foot clubhouse, a library, a billiards parlor, a ballroom, an indoor and outdoor pools and a fitness center. Close to D.C., this is a great location if you have to commute to the city for work. It’s also close enough to the countryside, mountains and fabulous golf courses to be an ideal spot for retirement.

· NEW – Regency at Catharpin Creek in nearby Catharpin – This 125- acre active adult community by Toll Brothers is currently under construction. Infrastructure should be completed by the fall, with the possibility of pre-sales starting at that time. It will have the same Toll Brothers quality of construction and include a gated entrance, clubhouse, pools and walking trails, but it will not have a golf course. Phase one has been approved by Prince William County for 79 single-family units.

Jacobson Realty and Home Staging knows this area well and has worked with home sellers and home buyers in different phases of life. You can rest easy knowing that when you work with us, you are getting expert advice from professionals who live in the area and know the communities. If you or someone you know would like more information on communities in Gainesville, Haymarket, Bristow or surrounding areas of Virginia, we’re here. Give us a call or send us an email. We’d be happy to guide you to your next home purchase.

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