Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving Tips and Tricks

Getting ready to move? Are you excited and anxious about it at the same time? That’s often the case. While moving can be exciting, it can also be one of life’s most stressful events. There’s so much to think about and a multitude of things to get done, not to mention the changes that you and your family may face. That’s why I’ve put together some of the best moving tips and tricks to help make the process a little easier. Some organization and planning can lighten the stress load.

Create a Moving Calendar

Print or pick up a new calendar, then set aside some time to list all the moving tasks to be done and enter them on the dates you plan to do them. Just getting that to-do list out of your head and onto paper will alleviate some stress. Plus, you will then have a master plan that seems more doable. Here are some suggestions to put on your moving calendar:

  • Hire a moving company or rent a truck (six weeks ahead to hire a moving company, two weeks ahead to rent a truck).
  • Change your address with the post office (two weeks before your moving date).
  • Notify utility companies (two weeks out), and set up cable, phone and internet service in your new home.
  • Transfer or pick up school records.
  • Buy or gather packing supplies (boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, permanent markers, etc.).
  • Purge and lighten your load, creating keep, sell, and donate piles.
  • Defrost and clean out the refrigerator (a day or two before moving day).
  • Pack your bedroom contents (and living room, kitchen, etc).

Use These Packing Tips and Tricks

  • Buy one or two clear plastic bins to pack as first-night boxes. Include basics you may need such as medications, toilet paper, paper plates and cups, cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc.
  • Pack wrapped dinner plates vertically or use disposable foam plates between them.
  • Take pictures of your electronic hook-ups before disconnecting and packing. Use original boxes, if you have them.
  • Use masking tape to put an X on large mirrors or photo frames to absorb shock and keep the glass in the frames, then wrap them in blankets.
  • To cut down on boxes, use bins, laundry baskets and suitcases for packing containers. Rolling suitcases are excellent for heavy items, like books.
  • Plastic wrap utensil or jewelry trays to keep contents intact.
  • Label each box with room destination and contents. Label on the sides and the top, so they are easily read when stacked.

Manage Moving Day

  • Know the best way to pack a rental truck.
  • Make a plan to feed your moving helpers, finding take-out or delivery places near your new home.
  • Pack precious personal items in your car.
  • When you get to the new house, make the beds first, so you have a ready place to crash after a long, tiring day.

Moving Tips and TricksI hope these tips and tricks help you make a less stressful, more successful move. From the start, remember to focus on the happy ending — you and your family all settled in your new home. Also, please remember Belinda Jacobson-Loehle at Jacobson Reality and Home Staging for all your real estate needs.

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