You Don’t Have to Retire to Downsize – 8 Signs You’re Ready Now

You Don’t Have to Retire to Downsize – 8 Signs You’re Ready Now

Often people wait until retirement or a life change, like children moving out of the house, before they downsize their homes. You don’t have to wait for a major life change to downsize. Here are eight signs that you may be ready to downsize right now.

  • You don’t use all your available space – Do you have a basement filled with extra junk? Maybe your two-car garage holds more boxes than cars. Are there spare bedrooms that you could afford to lose? If you have space that’s being consumed by items you don’t use, consider decluttering and downsizing. You’ll feel better eliminating the clutter from your life and you can save on expenses by moving to a smaller space.
  • You are tired of doing yard work – Some people find gardening and yardwork relaxing, while others would rather leave it to the maintenance crew. If you fall into the second camp, it may be time to downsize and find a community where someone else takes care of your yard work or with a smaller yard to care for.
  • You’re over cooking and entertaining – Do you have a gourmet kitchen, but your second oven doesn’t get any love? Do you need a separate dining room for entertaining or would you rather meet friends out for dinner? If you’re not using your kitchen or dining room, it may be time for a smaller space with a more basic kitchen and a breakfast nook.
  • You want to be closer to loved ones – Moving to be closer to loved ones is a great opportunity to consider how much space you actually need. If you don’t need all the space your current home offers and you want to move to be closer to family or friends, it may be time for you to downsize.
  • You want more time for yourself – Owning a home can be a lot of work. If you’re done with tackling home improvement projects on your weekends and want more spa or golf time, downsizing could be the answer.
  • You want more flexibility to travel – Do you find yourself daydreaming about trips across Europe or to the Caribbean? Make more money in your budget and free yourself up for more travel by downsizing.
  • You’re ready to cash in your home equity – It’s a great time to sell your home because of the low inventory of existing homes on the market. Homes are selling quickly and for good prices. If you have a lot of equity in your home that you’d like to save or invest, moving to a smaller home might make sense for you.
  • You’re having financial woes – If your house payment and other associated costs to heat and cool your home are too much for your current income, moving to a smaller place could potentially save you money and unnecessary stress. Downsizing means less space to heat in the winter and cool in the summer, so your electric or gas bills could be lower in a smaller home.

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