You Need to Move, so Move That Mindset!

You Need to Move, so Move That Mindset!

I overheard two gentlemen talking at a party one evening. One gentleman was going on about how he really needed to move to a bigger house, but every year he thinks about how big of a change it is. He waits until the last minute and never gets his house ready, meaning he just stays another year in his house he thinks is too small.

His friend told him that it wasn’t his house he wasn’t getting ready; it was his mindset. His buddy was right, but how do we go about mentally preparing for a task that can be so daunting?

  • Detach and declutter: One of the best ways to begin a mindset change is to detach yourself from your soon-to-be old surroundings. Get rid of things that you have been meaning to give away, and take down personal pictures and memorabilia. This will allow you to let go and see the house as just a house and not your home. The bonus, of course, is that a potential buyer will also be able to imagine themselves in this new home when the time is right.
  • Make a “sell it and move” checklist right away: Write down a date you want to put your house up for sale and contact a local Realtor to see if it is recommended. With your Realtor’s assistance, add to your list the actions you need to do prior to, during and after the move. Break the list up into a timeline so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Once you have written down the steps, it may make the process more real and achievable in your mind.
  • Make a “new house” checklist: What are all the things that you really want or need in a new property? While you may think you are comfortable where you are, your list may shine a bit of light on some of the reasons moving is a great idea.You Need to Move, so Move That Mindset!
  • Go on a house hunting adventure: Your date to stake a sign in your current yard may be a few months off, but you can take the time to check out your dream neighborhood and view homes available in your price range. Let the idea of a new home adventure inspire you. List the positives of the areas you are interested in, such as access to schools and activities.
  • Do some new home prep: Keep your mindset positive for your new adventure by doing some pre move-in fun tasks once you have bought your new abode. Every home has that one paint color or cabinet hardware that you told yourself you would change out if you bought the place. Try to inspect your new home when it is empty and chose a few small upgrades that you can do before you move in. Tackling a few tasks ahead of time will help make the new house your new home.

So, are you wondering if that gentleman ever did move on to a new adventure? From the conversation I heard, I bet he did. And if you are ready for a new adventure, we are always ready to show you some great homes in our area. Contact Belinda Jacobson-Loehle at Jacobson Realty and Home Staging today.

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