Using QR Codes to Buy and Sell Real Estate

Using QR Codes to Buy and Sell Real Estate

A QR Code or “quick response” code will help you buy and sell real estate by saving you time if your are a buyer and by providing convenience to your marketing effort if you are a seller! It’s a win-win for every buyer and seller and QR codes will soon be the norm for real estate marketing.

QR code

You will see QR codes on many yard signs and in various marketing materials. Although it’s a funny looking square code it is similar to a bar code in that it provides detailed information in a small concise format, but it is much more powerful. A buyer will scan the code from the yard sign with their mobile device and it will “quickly” direct them to the property details such as price, photo’s and material facts about the property. No more phone calls to an agent, and no waiting to find out if the property is in your price range. For the seller, you are providing convenience to the buyer and accurate information in a timely manner.  No more worries about whether there are enough flyers in the brochure box to last through the weekend.

To get started you need to download the “free” scanning software/app for your mobile device, which includes smart phones, ipads, or something similar.  Just search for a QR scanner on the mobile device and download the best one for your product. Once downloaded, press the scanner button, aim the device at the QR code you want to read and it will quickly provide you the details. It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s an effect  real estate tool for buyers and sellers to use. To understand what I am saying try scanning the QR code above. If you need any help contact me at 703-338-9678 or via email,

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