4 Reasons You Need a Price Strategy Advisor, (PSA)

4 Reasons You Need a Price Strategy Advisor, (PSA)

When you search for realtors, are you overwhelmed by how many are in your area? And how to distinguish one from another? What you need is a realtor who has taken the next step to make your home-selling and buying experience a positive one. You need a Price Strategy Advisor, (PSA). As a certified PSA, I want to share with you four reasons why you should choose a realtor who has a PSA certificate.

Price Strategy Advisors Are Well Trained

Realtors who earn their PSA receive a certificate after completing an in-depth course on comparable pricing, valuation and market analytics. Those choosing to earn the PSA designation have to test out of the certification class. They know this educational component is important for accurately aiding their clients to help create the best buying or listing price strategies. They also take continuing educational opportunities seriously and value the importance of new ways to best serve their clients.

They Will Guide You Through the Maze

Whether you are buying or selling a home, a realtor with a PSA certificate can guide you confidently through the maze of complexities that come with buying or selling a home. Real estate has its own lingo, which can be very daunting. What is a Comparative Market Analysis? Does it benefit the buyer? The seller? Is the appraisal fair? Am I making a great bid, or am I overpaying?  These are all intersections in the maze, and a realtor with a PSA can successfully navigate with you.

The Masters of the Comparative Market Analysis

4 Reasons You Need a Price Strategy Advisor, (PSA)Your PSA-certified realtor will not only guide you through understanding a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), but they are extensively trained in how to calculate this important tool. As mentioned in a prior blog, the CMA is an in-depth report that digs into the heart of your homes worth. The CMA is compiled using “comparables.” These are nearby properties similar to yours that have sold in the last three to six months. A realtor with a PSA certification knows how to use the data to ensure an accurate read on your area and your home. A well-done CMA and pricing strategy can also mean a faster selling time on your property.

PSA and the Code of Ethics in Valuation

Realtors with a PSA certificate also have a deep understanding of the National Association of Realtors (NAR ®) Code of Ethics. Realtors with a PSA certificate must be in good standing with the NAR®. This means that their knowledge and good standing can be seen in the valuation of your property and the realtor’s interactions with you, the valuation process, appraisers and others involved in the real estate process.

As you can see, a realtor holding a Price Strategy Analyst certificate can be an asset to your property sale or purchase, bringing integrity, knowledge and success to the table. If you are interested in learning more about the PSA certificate or a Comparative Market Analysis, please contact Belinda Jacobson-Loehle at Jacobson Realty and Home Staging today.

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