Moving? Tips to Keep Your Pet Happy Too!

Moving? Tips to Keep Your Pet Happy Too!

pets, moving can be stressful
First came the house cleaning, de-cluttering, and staging. Then you found your dream home and put in a bid. Now it’s closing day and you’re all packed up and ready to go. The humans in the house are no doubt very excited today, but for pets, moving can be stressful. We put together some tips on how to make a smooth transition with your pets so that moving day is fun and exciting for everyone in the family.

· Have a first day kit for your animals. Just like you want to have your essentials easily accessible as soon as you get to your new home, you want to have the basics for pet care at your fingertips. Pack what you will need for the first few days in your new home in a separate box that goes with you in your vehicle (rather than being packed away in a moving truck or van) so that you don’t have to dig through 100 boxes to find dog food or cat treats.

· Have things set with your new vet. If you’re relocating to an unfamiliar area, you’ll want to go to your old vet and get copies of your pet’s medical records and make sure all prescription medications are filled. Your vet may be able to recommend a new vet wherever you are moving, so while you’re there, ask.

· Keep things calm for your animals on moving day. Ideally, kenneling your furry friends or having them stay with a friend is the best way to keep them out of the moving mayhem. With doors being left open to move boxes and furniture out of the house, it is easy for a dog or cat to slip out the front door, and the last thing you need is a search and rescue mission in the midst of a move. If you’re unable to find someone else to watch your pets, keep them in a quiet room away from the moving action until you have everything out of the house.

· Move your pets in your vehicle. Don’t place animal crates in the moving van or truck where it may be unsafe and uncomfortable for your pets. Instead, crate them (if possible) and let them ride with you.

· Get the house (somewhat) set up before bringing your pet to your new home. There will be a lot of change in one day for an animal, so giving your pets some familiarity by setting up the basics in even just a room or two will give them a sense of home.

· Don’t let your pets escape once you arrive. When you get to your new home, make sure your animals are secured either in a kennel or on a leash before opening the car doors so that they do not bolt off into unfamiliar territory. If you have a cat who is typically an outdoor cat, keep him/her inside the new house for a few days to adjust before allowing outdoor exploration.

At Jacobson Realty and Home Staging, we know pets are part of the family, and when a family member is unhappy, that can make moving day more difficult. By keeping your pets feeling safe and secure, the transition between the new and the old will be a lot smoother, and everyone will settle in a little more quickly. Let us help you make your next move a positive one in every way. Contact us to buy, stage or sell a home.

“Belinda, we can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you did and for putting up with us through the rough spots…service was excellent!” –A and M

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