Your Home, Your Holiday: It’s About the Wreaths

Your Home, Your Holiday: It’s About the Wreaths

The holidays are a festive time to sell your home. Potential buyers can just feel the cozy vibe and imagine themselves tucked up in the master bedroom waiting for Santa Claus to deliver gifts. However, selling your home over the holidays also means you may want to tone down your decorations so that that the property is not overshadowed by the bling of the season. Hundreds of lights and yard ornaments distract the eye from the natural form of the house and yard. The buyer may not see the house’s year-round curb appeal and be turned off to a purchase.

To enjoy holiday décor and keep your curb appeal tasteful, the best ideas are simply stated. Evergreen wreaths are a nice addition to your entrance area that can liven up your holiday look. Even better, they have a wonderful history of symbolism.

Historians speculate that our modern evergreen wreath is based on the Lutheran Advent wreath, a custom dating back three hundred years. Soon after, many other traditions decided to adopt the wreath, each adding candles or other bright objects to represent a light for each day of their Advent celebrations. It is also said that a circular wreath of evergreen boughs are used to represent God’s eternal love. What a wonderful story to share with friends during this time of year.

Even the evergreen you choose to dress up your home has specific symbolism dating back for several centuries. Master gardener Margaret Rose Realy of Morning Rose Gardens shares some of these great meanings:

  • Balsam is one of the most commonly used evergreens for wreaths.  Balsam is symbolic of eager anticipation, much like awaiting Christmas day.
  • Fir is another favorite, although it is used more in garlands and swags. Fir boughs symbolize being lifted up or elation.
  • Pine, is the most commonly used evergreen and conveys eternal life.
  • Spruce boughs represent hope in times of adversity.
  • Cedar is very fragrant and one of the longer lasting evergreen boughs. Cedar is known as and evergreen of healing.
  • Juniper is another very popular choice. Juniper symbolizes protection, and many people used to plant a juniper under their windows to keep away intruders.
  • Holly is considered to be reminiscent of the Crown of Thorns. The red berries are a striking addition to any wreath.

Wreaths can be placed on doors and in windows and can be accessorized to fit any theme you choose. This year, additions of gold and browns to wreaths look to be the trend and are quite striking on a modest sized wreath on the front door, especially on smaller porches.

Simple and tasteful décor is also an important consideration if your listing photos will be taken over the holiday season. If you just can’t help yourself and super decorating is your passion, make sure to hold off on decorating until after your listing photos have been staged.

If you are selling your home and would like more guidance on how to make it the most it can be during the holiday season or any other season, contact Jacobson Realty and Home Staging today.

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