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Light Up Your Home to Sell During All Seasons!

Light Up Your Home to Sell During All Seasons!

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Have you ever had a photo taken in light that was just not flattering? It made you cringe, right? Having the correct lighting is important, not just for your selfies, but for photographing and staging your home to sell. We think about adorning our homes with festive lights at holiday times, but you can improve the look of your home year-round with a few extra lights. Changing the lighting in your home is a simple, inexpensive way to make your home seem open, airy and warm. Here are some tips for illuminating your home to sell:

· Add curb appeal. Motivated homebuyers are viewing your home in daylight hours and after sundown so make sure it looks its best at all times. You always want to keep your front exterior lights on but you can add a few simple outdoor light fixtures to add curb appeal. Solar walkway lights can light up your sidewalk to improve safety and ambiance. A spotlight or two on the front of your house can also add to your house, improve safety and give visitors a clear view of your home’s exterior. Landscape light packages sold at your local Lowe’s and Home Depot stores provide easy install methods while providing dramatic results inexpensively. If you have a beautiful tree, shrub, or flowers let people know by complementing natural beauty with a little added light. And, of course, if you’re selling during the holiday season, a few festive white neutral lights will really show your spirit and help folks envision themselves at home for the holidays when viewing your house.

· Use natural light. Whenever possible, take full advantage of natural daylight. Keep blinds and curtains open during the daytime to light up your home, make it seem open and airy all day long.

· Use flattering light sources. Overhead fluorescent lights are typically harsh while floor lamps and touchier lamps create mood and plenty of up lighting. Use soft, warm tones and rely on smaller lamps to disperse lighting to specific areas. You can also turn lamps during the day to enlarge the sense of space and brighten up your home.

· Add subtle lighting. Small under-counter kitchen lighting shows off your countertops and makes one of the most important rooms in the house warm and inviting. Add wall sconce lighting to places that are short on space. If you have art on your walls, you can showcase it with small light fixtures.

· Change a light fixture. Swapping out dated light fixtures for sleeker, more modern versions can be a wise investment that won’t cost you a lot. Better yet, spray paint old light fixtures with new modern colors to update any look inexpensively. Installing or updating attractive light fixtures is worth the money spent and will always catch a buyers’ eye!

Still not sure what lighting is right for your home? Jacobson Realty and Home Staging can help you fully stage your home to sell quickly and for the best price.Contact us today!

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